Thursday, 3 January 2013

Sewing Room set up begins!

After getting my sewing machine for Christmas, I decided to upgrade from the kitchen dining table, to move all my stuff upstairs to the loft bedroom.

I have moved up there to sew alone to my heart's content:

An antique gate leg table from my nan Florence's house
My sewing machine
Lady Mary the dress form
A big gold mirror
All my patterns on a top of a book shelf
Fabric (currently in piles on the bed. Hmmm)
A dining chair stolen from the kitchen! Will have to get a proper one soon to keep up there.
I also bought a nice little walnut digital radio for listening to Radio 4 all day
Claude the naughty white cat has taken to sitting next to my fabric stash!

I love it up there! It's so quiet and the view over the roof tops is very calming.

Note my Sew A Little Happiness cushion on the bed, purchased from Next. They have a bobbin lamp I really want too but it's £50. Ill wait and see if it goes on sale at some point.

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