Thursday, 3 January 2013

Fabric shopping, London

I have been collecting fabrics for my 2013 wardrobe.

So far I have shopped at:

Stitch, Wanstead, London E11-great local store on the high street run by a friendly family

Regent Sewing, Ilford. Not so friendly in my experience and chaotic organisation, but a good range and quite cheap.

Walthamstow market esp. Sayed Fabrics-so cheap it's unbelievable

And today I took myself off on the tube into Soho.
I visited The Cloth House, Borovick, Berwick Street Cloth Shop, MacCulloch and Wallis and Kleins haberdashery on Noel Street. I spent a fortune on fabrics but am really pleased with what I got.

Aaaaaaghh hide the bags!! And receipts for that matter!! Central London ain't like the 'stow market.

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