Monday, 10 December 2012

COMPLETE! Dressing Gown

I started a 10 week beginners dressmaking course at a local community centre.

At about week 5 I started to feel ambitious and decided to make a garment-my first one!

I have been really inspired by sewing blogs, so decided to start my own...

PATTERN: Simplicity 5685, from 1973 no less, bought from ebay for about a fiver

FABRIC: I purchased 3 metres (waaaay too much!) of the turquoise floral kimono-ish fabric, and 1m of the plain turquoise trim. Both £6 a metre from Stitch, Wanstead.

TIME: Aha... Slightly embarrassing-it took a whole Saturday- 10 hours!!! But I loved it, working at the dining table listening to radio 4 all day!

Laying out and cutting fabric
Pattern was pre-cut paper in size 12. Easy!
Seams and hems
Making a cool sewn-inside out belt
Putting in sleeves (rather messily)

Trim contrast band gathered a bit-hmmmmm how to stop this I wonder...
It's a summer gown and London has had a really cold autumn this year!

Overall, I enjoyed choosing and matching the fabric and pattern.

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