Monday, 10 December 2012

COMPLETE! Black shift dress

My second project..... A dress or work (I'm a secondary school teacher). I'm on my feet all day and so need to be smart but comfortable. I always buy this style of dress when I see one-usually in Gap or Zara for about £35. I honk if I could make one myself, I can stockpile them for work in a range of colours.

PATTERN: Butterick see and sew B5235 for £3- the whole range seems to be £3!

FABRIC: black jersey £6 a metre- needed 1.3m but purchased 1.5m and black lining 1.5m (£2.50 p/metre)

TIME: about 6-7 hours in bits, I'm getting faster!

Measuring and choosing a size (16 eek! I'm a 10-12 in shops! Thanks pattern designers)
Lining -waaaay easier than I thought as no neck facing.
Putting in an invisible zip
Seams, hem, fitting

I did the zip a bit too low down-an inch from the top of the dress so there's a gap, disguised by an ill fitting hook and eye
I made it up and it was MASSIVE! I had to slice inches from the side seams and hem!

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