Friday, 14 December 2012

Where do you sew?

I am thinking of setting up a sewing room, now that I am amassing quite a hoard of fabric, patterns, and my lovely dress form- Lady Mary.

We have a spare room up in the loft, which would make a brilliant sewing and storage space. However I quite like being in the kitchen/diner, fabric laid out on the large kitchen table, mini tv on, kettle about 3 metres away. Would I be cold upstairs?

Kitchen Pros:

Kitchen table is large enough to be a good cutting table
Kettle nearby!
Near the phone/door/Internet to keep disruptions down
Sewing machine sits nicely on the bookcase with patterns and fabric

Loft pros:

Could have all sewing furniture up there and get some nice new shelves
Could decorate walls and have all accessories and fabrics better stored
If my collection grows, kitchen shelves will be too small
Machine could be out permanently
Chance to design awesome sewing room like the ones on Pinterest

Will have to think over the Christmas 2 week holiday starting next Friday!


  1. Hi Fiona..Maybe you've decided already but I think I would vote for the loft. It is nice to have a place where you can leave a project in progress...and to decorate the room however you want! I agree about being cold, though. My sewing space is very cold and that makes it hard to work sometimes! p.s. did you name her after Lady Mary Crawley? :) season 3 is -finally- starting here on Sunday.

    1. Hi Adrienne

      Thanks for my first comment! And for being my kindly first follower!

      I have decided to move up to the loft, as you suggest. It means I don't have to pack everything away and anything that requires less tidying is fine by me!

      Yes my mannequin is sort of named after Lady Mary Crawley!

    2. We've had series 3 it's great! Enjoy! Fx